The Most Progressive Company

Who We Are

Freight & Transits LLC is a global professional procurement & logistics firm specializing in the purchase and movement of cargo. We provide import & export services to individuals, corporate organizations & government clients as well as customs brokerage & cargo insurance.

Our reach is global with an unmatched commitment to service, driven by contemporary technology & methodologies needed to go beyond not just satisfying customer needs, but also ever-evolving international service delivery standards.

Logistics Without Limits

Our combination of planning, training and partnerships help clients understand our services and protect bottom line procedures. We also provide strategic advisory and logistics services to commercial organizations as well as local, state and national governments.

We Make it Easy

We ensure to understand our clients, partners & investors’ business or logistic needs. And then commit to finding cost-effective and efficient solutions that maximize value. As a U.S licensed broker, we leverage on professionalism to deliver business excellence that creates enabling systems for individuals and companies to respond profitably to global opportunities.

Our Commitment

We are committed to being the leading logistics solutions provider to our clients. To sustain this, we are continually improving & aiming at better technologies.

Jide Alara, Chief Logistics Officer