Our Services We offer International Cargo Services

Roro Shipping:
Freight & Transits is ready to move your vehicles to and fro Nigeria & the USA  – Cars, SUVS, Heavy Duty Trucks, Construction Equipment, Commerical Motor Vehicles (Semi-Knock Down and Knock Down) and any other Heavy Equipment. We ship to all African countries dealing with expert partners offering the most modern, reliable and safe methods in the industry.

Container Shipment:
We offer shipments using full container load or just part container load. With these in full or part at your disposal, shipping prices vary based on volume and weight. In the case of infractions, payments will be made by the shipper for any violations. We would guide appropriately not to incur these violations when shipping.

Air Freight:
Air Freight moves cargo faster than sea freight. This service makes goods arrive at destinations faster between 3-10days. We deal with expert airlines offering the most efficient, reliable and safe cargo planes the industry has to offer.

Procurement Services:
Due to its scouting exercise, procurement services is Freight & Transits most delightful experience. From Everyday to luxury vehicles, Power Tools, Heavy Duty Equipment, Medical tools, Antiques, Musical Instruments, House Hold Goods etc. etc. we offer expert advise to sourcing anything legal for our clients.

Customs Brokerage:
We handle all clearing and forwarding duties for every cargo. We have fully devoted staff with years of experience handling this service. We ensure your cargo is done right at affordable rates and the fastest time.

Cargo Insurance Arrangement:
Often times, goods are subject to accidental damage. Freight & Transits provides clients with needed insurance that cushion against potential loss or damage during freight. Our simple application is subject to approval for insuring shipment. Once insured and in case of unforeseen circumstances, clients get a percentage back or entire value of damage goods under our cargo insurance policy. These coverage vary by air and sea due to tailored shipper needs.

Amazon Delivery Service & Freight Partners Program (DSP/AFP):
We offer entrepreneurial opportunities that assist investors in exclusive franchise licensed operations for Amazon Transportation Services. If you are interested in starting your own business or growing consistent revenue from Last-Mile Delivery & Trucking Services, this solution is highly turn-key and right for you. With low start-up costs, no logistics background needed, adequate in-class training and community personnel support, we ensure you establish long term growth & business excellence. Our experience & relationships provide tailored applications that seek approval to become a licensed DSP or AFP; providing you consistent freight to become a successful delivery business within New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia & Pennsylvania.

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